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"The most difficult thing I had to achieve in this film was creating the fabric for the Captain America Stealth Suit.  The Russos were very specific that they wanted a suit that was made of textured, woven, hard fabric like a Kevlar and not a printed stretch suit like you see over and over again in these films. But in reality it needed to be made of a stretch fabric that would allow movement and comfort, as well as the ability to be constructed into a more realistic military type trouser and protective top. I went through many incarnations of printed textures on stretch which then posed a whole new set of challenges and problems.  The HD cameras made raised textures strobe or moiré.  So finding the right one became a trial.  Then the printing ink would shine like plastic, which I disliked.  It took four months of research and development to create a texture that seems so simple and was yet, so complicated.” - Judianna Makovsky







But can you feel the budding friendship  。◕ ‿ ◕。 

Do you think it’s going to be their brofist @⌒ー⌒@

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And as this goes on, recovered!Bucky loves it more and more, he thinks this is the best thing EVER, THIS IS SO FUNNY; he’s a friggin’ superhuman and it’s not a big deal to get kicked in the face, and after being conditioned to enact violence on a regular basis he still retains a healthy appreciation for roughhousing.  And meanwhile Sam starts getting more and more frustrated, just for once he’d like to be able to go somewhere without Bucky gamboling earnestly out of some bushes with his face lit up like a loving St. Bernard and sending him flying into lake water with a well-placed kick, Sam likes to bring his ipod jogging sometimes dammit, it was funny the first couple times but……WELLLLLL…. so eventually they talk about it and it stops being a spontaneous thing.  But when Sam and Steve and Bucky go paintballing, all bets are off again, and the look of recognition and betrayal on Sam’s face as he falls into the lake is just as friendly as the look of horror on Bucky’s face when Sam suddenly and unexpectedly swoops down out of a pine tree, dripping wet and hungry for revenge.

All of this forever, please.

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